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You can't log in

Please verify the following things

  • Do you use the right email adress? Verfiy that it is the same as the one you’ve registerd with.
  • Did you already set-up your password? Please check your email and password on typing errors.
  • You didn’t set-up your password? Please follow the link in the email that you received to set-up your password.
  • Don’t you remember your password? Please press “forgot password” on the login page.
You're logged in but can't follow the e-learning.
  • Please verify that the email adress on which you generated an account, is the same as the emailadress that you’ve provided to the organization.
  • Did you already had an account? Verify the emailadress of the account at the organization.
The video's in the e-learning don't play or malfunctioning.

Please verify that you’ve a stable internet connection, the following things can affect this

  • We strongly advise to use the latest version of Google Chrome
  • Make sure your web browser is up to date.
  • Do you use a VPN? Then close it and open the page again.

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